Monday, September 6, 2010

06 September 2010

Hey, i'm apologise here cause have been long time never update my blog,
because of my internet service at home have some problem @@ streamyx..HELP!!

the problem still
not yet fix,
and my dad decide to use
the line is quite smooth when started use
but after that.....
slow and slow >.<>

Alright,i'm here wanna sharing my trip at Penang and Ipoh last few day^^
actually i missed to update alot of happy trip, hang outing, party n blah blah..><
but anyway,
i have a wonderfull days trip with my classmate, my DIM gang!
and i'm happy to know new friend who call Sam(gygy, everyonw call him like this),
and people call him Leong too..
he like to scolding fuxk and shxt..xD

We start our journey at 5.00am plus....Midnight..
Kelvin and mei mei is come..

actually we dont know way to go penang,
we just follow road broad and go @.@
(how clever we are`!! xP)
But, luckily our clever boy Kelvin got bring laptop and broadband!
hoho,how lucky we are!!!
I learn something from here,which is work together!
once we team work, nothing is problem!
nothing cant be fix!^^
This is the good experience,so anywhere we can go too^^

And my brother Daric using Google Map to found places
my classmate meimei got calling friend and ask road too
actually feel sorry to distrub people and ask road>.<

Atlast, we reach Ipoh early in the morning,
taking only 2 hours to reach Ipoh,
and we have our break fast at Fu Shan Dim Sham restroran ‘富山’^^

And we resume
our journey again....

After 2 hours plus,
we reach Penang at last!! Wuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

The 1st place we go is 'Zhi Lek Shi', 极乐寺

Up there have a beautiful garden and view.

Alot of fishs!

This is the largest Kwan Ying Ma in Malaysia!
After that, we going to a stall where nearby the temple and hv a lunch,
the asam laksa here is most famous food in penang, wow!! xD

Nice ya!

See their face, also know how delicous of the asam laksa loh...xP

After have the lunch,
we going to our hotel and have a rest..
freaking tired..
siting car for 4 hours plus...
especially people who driving..

Therefore,evening, we going to 新关仔湾,
a place where having delicious local food,
very famous in Penang,
nearby Gurney Plaza there,

There is alot of food stall and alot of choice,
people can choose what food they want....nice!!

Food food food!! we order alot of food and share together^^

After that, we sitting infront of Gurney plaza shopping centre,
beach and nice view here,
very suitable for those couple come and pak tou.....hiak hiak...

hmmm,and we back our hotel,
chit chat, playing and have a nice dream..hehe
waiting for the next day fun!!


Monday, June 7, 2010

03 June 2010, Penang Hard Rock Cafe

A Hotty day,
Suddenly decide for a one-day-trip to Penang with bro Daric and friend.

Not much stuff i bring because just a day trip to penang
we start our journey on 3pm plus,
we reach on 5pm plus..

We haven a dinner at a penang food junction where near Gurney Plaza
after our dinner,

We go Gurney Shopping mall for a window-shop
and watch movie over there...'it seem like KL no cinema right?'

We watch Letters to Juliet,
nice movie,touching love'story,
watch it if u haven watch =)

After the movie,
we have our supper on Hard Rock Cafe!!

The entry of Hard Rock Hotel

The light of the word will keep change colour



All of these are wear's display of 50~80-an Solf and Hard Rocker Stars,
and Pop Stars, Famous Movie Stars
or Singers etc.

The band Stage

Hard Rock Cafe

My Drink =)

All of them are good singer,them know to play music and sing well.

After we have a supper,
and we straight back KL
midnight 4am only reach home..

End Up a Trip Day =D

Saturday, June 5, 2010

30 May 2010,Movie, Steamboat and Singk at Neway

a movie, steamboat and singk day..
a enjoyable day..
because i do 3 of my favour activity in a day..=D

i was watch an animation with friend..
i have watch 1st till 3rd of this movie
it's quite nice and funny
really LMAO..

But,this is the last episod...=(

anyway, i having my dinner at cheras
a famouse steamboat shop..
i cant remenber the name of shop and capture the shop,
because i'm so hungry..lols

After dinner,
we going to cheras Neway,which near by Leisure Mall there,
enjoy our singk..hoho

Yama, Me and Wardy

Funny face..

End up the day...^^

29 May 2010. Genting ^^

Well, same here
Update for old post.=)

actually that day i was confuse about something
i consider about stay at home or go out..
it seem like impossible i stay home whole day right?

so, i decide go genting with friend meet my friends,hoho
And,before we going out,
i have tk few piece pic with my bro Daric and my Best friend Johnson Lim

My bro Daric

My best buddy Johnson Lim

Other, have afew of photo capture at genting there
share with u all^^

Me,Yama and Wardy

**'actually have alot of pic,but my friends's camera have problem so i cant get the pic ;('

End up a day..